What is the estimated delivery time for my order?

The shipping time of your order depends on the availability of the desired product(s) as well as on the specific location where it needs to be delivered to. For in-stock items that are marked "Same day dispatch" the following shipping times apply to the countries listed below:

The Netherlands: 1-2 business day(s)

Belgium: 1-2 business day(s)

Germany: 2-3 business day(s)

Austria: 2-3 business day(s)

France: 2-3 business day(s)

Ireland: 2-3 business day(s)

Please also keep in mind that these estimates may vary based on factors such as weather, holidays, etc.

For items that are not in stock, you will be able to find the estimated delivery time on the product page of that particular item.

As soon as your order has left our warehouse, we’ll send you the Track & Trace code to your email. With this, you can track your shipment along the way.

The tracking will become active around midnight on the day your order has left our warehouse.